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DISCLAIMER: Introducing  Doll Actor Stand-Ins. These images are used in compliance with the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act in a parity type format. They are purely for character representation only. Any similarity to doll name brands is coincidental. These images are not for monetary exchange, they are utilized only to tell a story. The dolls pictured throughout the website were stylized to represent some of the main characters in the story, (click on About and find out who they are: Sebastian, Eleni, & Ramses; Lorabella, Shell, & Rick Wiles). They are props in the videos (click on the Movie tabs above), as well.

The Vela Kurv Legacy

Vela Kurv Legacy Pt 1
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The Scintillate Seed to Vela Kurv

Vela Kurv Legacy Pt 2
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The Wiles of Vela Kurv
Vela Kurv Personal Log


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